Michael Nesmith & The First National Band - Tengo Amore

Tengo amor

Despues que todo esta finado

Tengo amor

Pero mi corazon quiere correr

Veo el sol

Y el me dice que tu me amasa

No me correre

Siempre estarre contigo

Aqui en tus brazos

Abrazan’te sin plalbras

Nuestra amor

Refl’onando en el cielo

Despeacio seremos uno solo

I have much love

After all is said and done

I have much love

Even though my heart says run

I see the sun

And it says you love me too

So I won’t run

I will spend my life with you

Here in your arms

Holding you without speaking

Watching our love

Making shadows on the ceiling

Slowly melting into oneness

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